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affray - all

affray (af-fra'), n. the fighting of two or more persons in a public place to the terror of others.

affright (af-frlf), v.t. to frighten; terrify; alarm; confuse.

affront (af-frunt'), v.t. to cpnfront, oppose face to face; insult designedly.

affusion (af-fu'zhun), n. the act of pouring upon.

Afghan (af'gan), adj. pertaining to Afghanistan: n. a native of Afghanistan.

afghan (af'gan), n. a crocheted or knitted soft wool blanket or carriage- robe.

afield (a-feld'), adv. to, in, or on, the field; astray.

aflame (a-fiam'), adj. & adv. in flames; ablaze.

afloat (a-flot'), adj. & adv. floating; in circulation; unfixed; adrift.

afoot (a-foot'), adv. on foot; astir.

afraid (a-frad'), adj. frightened.

afresh (a-fresh'), adv. again; anew.

African (af'ri-kan), adj. pertaining to Africa; also Afric: n. a native of Africa.

Africander (af-ri-kan'dgr), n. a native of South Africa born of white parents.

aft (aft'), adj. & adv. towards the stern.

after (after), adj. next, subsequent, later: prep, behind in place; in succession to; later in time; in imitation of; according to; next in rank or excellence; in proportion to; in pursuit of: adv. behind; subsequent in time or place: n. the future.

after-clap (af'tcr-klap), re. an untoward event happening after an affair is supposed to be at an end.

after-da in ji (-damp), n. the carbonic acid found in coal-mines after an explosion of fire-damp; choke-damp.

after-hold (-hold), n. that part of the hold which lies abaft the mainmast.

aftermath (after-math), n. a second mowing in a season.

afternoon (af-ter-noon'), n. the part of the day between noon and evening.

afterward (af'tSr-ward), or afterwards (-wardz), adv. at a later time; subsequently.

after-wit (after-wit), n. wisdom that comes too late.

again (a-gen'), adv. a second time; in return; further; anew.

against (a-gensf), prep, opposite to; in opposition to; contrary to one's inclinations.

agape (a-gap'), adj. & adv. gaping; with the mouth wide open in a state of expectation or astonishment.

agate (ag'at), n. a semi-precious stone; a variety of chalcedony; Scotch pebble.

agaty (ag'a-ti), adj. of the nature of agate.

age (aj), n. a particular period of time in life or in history; time: v.i. to grow old visibly.

agency (a'jen-si), n. operation; action: an establishment for the purpose of doing business for another.

agent (a'jent). n. one who acts, especially for another; an active power or cause.

agglomerate (ag-glom'er-at), v.t. to gather into a heap; accumulate.

agglomeration (ag-glom-cr-a'shun). n. a heap.

agglomeratlve (ag-glom'er-a-tiv), adj. tending to gather together.

agglutlnant (ag-glu'ti-nant), adj. uniting: n. any sticky substance which causes bodies to_adhere together.

agglutinate (ag-glu'ti-nat), v.t. to glue together: adj. glued together.

agglutination (ag-glu-ti-na'shun), n. the act or condition of being united or joined together.

aggrandize (ag'gran-diz), v.t. to make great or greater in power, rank, or riches; augment.

aggrandizement (ag'gran-dlz-ment), n. exaltation; advancement.

aggravate (ag'gra-vat), v.t. to add to a load; be troublesome; intensify.

aggravating (ag'gra-va-ting), p.adj. making worse or more heinous.

aggravation (ag-gra-va'shun), n. the act of making worse.

aggregate (ag'gre-gat), v.t. to collect or bring together; gather into a mass or body; accumulate: n. total; mass; a mass formed by the union of similar particles: adj. formed into a mass or total.

aggregation (ag-gre-ga'shun), n. a collection of particulars.

aggregative (ag'gre-ga-tiv), adj. collective; social.

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit; note, north, not; boon, book;




aggress (ag-gres'), v.t. to attack; begin a quarrel or controversy.

aggression (ag-gresh'un), n. uni>or- voketl attack.

aggressive (ag-gres'iv), adj. unjuBtly attacking.

aggressor (ag-gres'fir) n. one who attacks.

aggrieve (ag-grev'), v.t. to bear heavily upon; oppress.

aghast (a-gast'). ""'/.. struck with sudden astonishment, or terror.

agile (aj'il). adj. easily driven about; active in body; nimble.

agility (a-jil'i-ti), n. nimbleness.

agio (a'ji-6), n. [pi. agios (ii'ji-6z)], the premium on money or foreign bills of exchange; discount. [Italian.]

agiotage (aj'i-o-taj), n. exchange business; stock jobbing.

agitable (aj'i-ta-bl), adj. capable of oeing moved, or debated; debatable.

agitate (aj'i-tat), v.t. to stir violently; discuss; excite; revolve in the mind; disturb; keep constantly before the public.

agitation (aj-i-ta'shun), n. the act of agitating; excitement; discussion.

agitative (aj'i-ta-tiv), "//. tending to agitate.

agitator (aj'i-ta-t€r), n. one who starts or keeps up a political or other agitation; an implement for stirring.

aglow (a-glo'). adj. & adv. in a glow; glowing.

aglutition (ag-lu-tish'un), n. inability to swallow.

agnail (ag'nal). n. loose skin under or near the nail; a whitlow.

agnomen (ag-no'men), n. an additional name or epithet, as "Milton, the poet."

agnostic (ag-nos'tik), n. one who denies that man possesses any knowledge of the ultimate nature of things; one who neither affirms nor denies the existence of a personal Deity: adj. pertaining to the agnostics or their teachings; expressing ignorance.

agnosticism (ag-nos'ti-sizm), n. the doctrines of the agnostics.

ago (a-go'), '//. gone; past (used always after the noun): adv. in past time (used only in the phrase " long ago").

»gog (a-gog'), adj. & adv. in agitation or expectation; eager.

agoing (a-go'ing), adv. on the going; in motion.

agonlstics (ag-6-nis'tiks), n. the science of athletic combats.

agonize (ag'5-nlz), v.i. to suffer anguish, make convulsive efforts: v.t. to torture.

agonizingly (ag'6-nl-zing-li), adv. with anguish or struggles.

agony (ag'6-ni), n. [pi. agonies (ag'5- niz)], extreme pain; anguish.

agouti (a-goo'ti), n. a rodent found in the West Indies and South America.

agrarian (a-gra'ri-an), adj. relating to land, or to land-tenure; growing wild in the fields: n. one who is in favor of a redistribution of land.

agrarianism (a-gra'ri-an-ism), n. the principle of a uniform division of land; agitation with respect to land- tenure.

agree (a-gre'), v.i. to harmonize physically, mentally, or morally; to accord.

agreeability (a-gre-a-bil'i-ti), n. agree- ableness.

agreeable (a-gre'a-bl), adj. pleasing to the mind or senses.

agreement (a-gre'ment), n. harmony of opinions or feelings; concord of one word with another in gender, number, case, or person; a compact; a contract; mutual understanding.

agricultural (ag-ri-kul'tur-al), adj. pertaining to tillage.

agriculturalist (ag-ri-kul'tu-ral-ist),n. same as agriculturist.

agriculture (ag'ri-kul-tur), n. the science and art of cultivating fields by the plow, &c.; tillage; farming.

agriculturist (ag-ri-kul'tur-ist), M. one engaged in tillage; a farmer.

agrin (a-grin'). '"//- & adv. in the act or state of grinning.

aground (a-ground'), adj. & adv. on the ground; the situation of a ship whose bottom touches the ground; stranded.

ague (a'gu). n. an intermittent fever; the cold fit of the intermittent fever.

ague-cake (a'gu-kak), n. an enlargement of the spleen produced by ague.

aguish (a'gu-ish), adj. having the AH

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit; note, north, not; boon, book ; 20


qualities of an ague; producing ague; intermittent.

ah (a), inter/, an exclamation expressive of sudden emotion.

aba i;i-!i:'i'i, interj. an exclamation expressive of satisfaction or irony.

ahead (a-hed'), adv. in the front; forward.

aheap (a-hep'), adv. in a heap.

ahem (a-hem'), interj. an exclamation to call attention.

ahoy (a-hoi'). interj. a term used in hailing a vessel.

ahull (a-hul'), adv. with sails furled and helm lashed alee: said of a ship in a storm.

al (a'i), n. [pi. ais (a'ez)], the three-toed sloth of America.

aid (ad), v.t. to assist; support: n. help; assistance.

aide-de-camp (ad'de-kong), n. \pl. aides-de-camp], an officer who assists a general. [French.]

algret (a'gret) or aigrette (a-gref), n. the small white heron; a plume arranged in imitation of the feathers of the heron, worn on helmets, and as an article ot women's head-attire; a feathery crown of seed.

all (al), v.t. [p.t. & p.p. -ed, p.m. -ing], to give or cause pain: v.i. to feel pain; be afflicted with pain.

ailment (al'ment), n. a slight disorder of the body; sickness.

aim (5m), v.i. [p.t. & p.p. -ed, -ing], to endeavor after; direct at something; seek: n. a purpose; an endeavor.

air (ar), v.t. to expose to the air; dry thoroughly, as clothes; to exhibit ostentatiously: n. the fluid which we breathe; the atmosphere; external manner; appearance; bearing; a melody.

air-gas (ar-gas), n. an illuminating gas made from air charged with the vapor of petroleum, naphtha, &c.

air-gun (ar-gun), n. a gun discharged by the elastic force of condensed air.

airily (ar'i-li), adv. in an airy manner; gaily.

airiness (ar'i-nes), n. the state of being airy; gaiety.

airing (ar'ing), n. a walk, ride, or drive in the open air; exposure to the air or fire.

air-line (ar-lin), n. a straight line. Also called a bee-line.

air-plant (ar-plant), n. a plant which derives its nourishment from the air.

air-pump (ar-pump), n. a machine for exhausting the air from a receiver: the pump used to exhaust the water and gases from the condenser of a strain-engine.

airship (ar'ship), n. a steerable balloon.

airy (ar'i), adj. exposed to or composed of air; breezy; unsubstantial; gay.

aiale (II), n. the passage leading to chancel or altar of a church; or to the platform of any hall.

ajar (a-jar'), adj. & adv. slightly turned or opened, as a door; out of harmony.

ajog (a-jog'), adv. on the jog; jogging.

akimbo (a-kim'bp), adv. with the hands on the hips and the elbows turned outwards.

akin (a-kin'), adj. & adv. of kin; related by blood; allied by nature.

alabaster (al'a-bas-ter), n. a white marble-like mineral; a box made of ajabaster, in which the ancients held ointments: adj. made of, or transparent like, alabaster.

alack (a-lak'), interj. an exclamation expressive of blame, sorrow, or surprise.

alacrity (a-lak'ri-ti). n. eager readiness; joyous activity; briskness.

alalla (a^Ia'li-a), n. lass of speech by paralysis of the muscles.

alalus (al'a-lus), n. the hypothetical ape-man.

alamode (aria-mod'). "/". in the fashion: adj. fashionable: n. a thin, light, glossy black silk. [French.]

alar (a'lar), adj. pertaining to or having wings; wing-shaped.

alarm (a-larm'), v.t. arouse to a sense of danger; strike with apprehension of danger: n. a call to arms; a warning of danger; the apprehension of danger.

alarming (a-larm'ing), adj. exciting apprehension; ominous.

alary (a'la-ri), adj. of or pertaining .to wings: wing-shaped.

alas fa-las'), interj. an exclamation expressive of unhappiness.

alate (a'lat) or alated (a-lat'ed), adj. having wings or wing-like side-appendages.

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit: note, north, not; boon, book; 21



alb (alb), n. a white priestly vestment worn at the celebration of the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic Church and in some Anglican churches.

albata (al-ba'ta), n. an alloy imitating silver: German silver.

albatross (al'ba-tros), n. a sea-bird allied to the petrel, inhabiting the Pacific and Southern Oceans.

albeit (awl-be'it), con/, although; even though; notwithstanding.

albino (al-bl'n8 or al-be'no), n. a person with white skin and hair and pinkish eyes; a man, animal, or plant abnormally white in color.

albugineous (al-bu-jin'e-us), adj. of the nature of white-of-eggs; albuminous.

album (al'bum). n. a blank book in which to insert autographs, photographs, stamps, monograms, &c.

Jbtunen (al-bu'men), n. the white of an egg; the nutritious farinaceous matter stored up with the embryo of an animal or plant.

albumenlze (al-bu'men-Iz), i-.t. in photography, to coat paper with an albuminous solution.

albumin (al-bu'min), n. a variant of albumen.

albuminoid (al-bu'mi-noid), adj. like albumen: n. a class of organic compounds which form the chief part of the organs and tissues of animals and plants; proteids.

albuminous (al-bu'mi-nus) or albu- mlnose (al-bu'mi-nds), adj. like, or containing albumen.

albuminuria (al-bu-mi-nu'ri-a), n. the presence of albumen in the kidneys and the urine.

alburnum (al-ber'num), n. the white and softer part of wood between the bark and the heart-wood; sap- wood.

alcalde (al-kal'da), n. a magistrate or justice in Spain or Portugal. [Spanish.]

alchemist (al'ke^mist), n. one who studies or practices alchemy.

alchemy (al'ke-mi), n. the chemistry of the Middle Ages; the professed art of transmuting the baser metals into gold.

alcohol (al'ko-hol), n. pure or rectified spirits of wine; the spirituous or intoxicating element in fermented

liquors; rectified spirits; a class of compounds of the same type as spirits of wine.

alcoholic (al-ko-hol'ik), adj. containing alcohol: -s. alcoholic liquors.

alcoholism (al'ko-hol-izm), n. a diseased condition produced by alcohol; or a chronic craving for strong drink.

alcoholization (al-ko-hol-i-za'shun), n. subjection to the influence of alcohol.

alcoholize (al'k6-hol-iz), v.l. to subject to the influence of alcohol; to rectify (spirits of wine).

Alcoran (al-ko-ran'), n. more correctly written Koran, q.v.

alcove (al'k6v), n. a recess in a room or a garden; a bower.

alder (awl'der), n. a genus of plants growing in moist land and the birch.

alderman (awl'der-man), n.; pi. aldermen (-men), in English and American cities and boroughs a magistrate next in dignity to the mayor; also, in Great Britain, certain members of county councils elected by those bodies.

ale i -i I'. n. a liquor made from an infusion of malt by fermentation.

alee (a-le'), adv. & adj. on the lee or sheltered side of the ship; opposite to aweather.

alert (a-lert'), adj. on the watch; active: n. an alarm; a sudden attack.

Alexandrine (al-cks-an'drin), n. a kind of heroic verse of six iambic feet, or twelve syllables.

algae (al'je), one of the great divisions of cryptoganaic plants, including seaweeds and kindred fresh-water plants.

algebra (al'je-bra), n. the science of calculation by letters and general symbols.

algebraic (al'je-bra-ik) or algebraical (al-je-bra'ik-al), adj. occurring in or dealing with algebra.

algebraically (al-je-bra'ik-a-li i. adv. by means of algebraic processes.

algine (al'jin), n. a substance obtained from seaweed, and used in manufactures instead of horn.

(a'li-as), adv. otherwise [named]: n. [pi. aliases (a'li-as-ez)], another name; an assumed name.

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit; note, north, not; boon, book; 22



alibi (al'i-bl), n. the plea of having been elsewhere when the alleged act was committed.

alien (a'li-en), adj. belonging to another: n. a foreign-born resident of a country in which he is not naturalized.

alienable (a'li-en-a-bl), adj. capable of being alienated; salable.

alienage (a'li-en-aj), n. the state or legal status of an alien.

alienate (a'li-en-at), v.t. to estrange, as the affections; transfer to another, aa property.

alienation (a-li-en-a'shun), n. estrangement; transference; diversion to another purpose; mental derangement.

alienism (ali-en-izm), n. the position of being an alien; the study and treatment of mental diseases.

alienist (a'li-en-ist), n. a physician who makes a special study of diseases affecting the brain or nervous system.

aliform (al'i-f6rm), adj. wing-shaped.

alight i.-i-li'i'i. v.i. to dismount; to descend and settle; to come upon accidentally: adj. lighted; lighted-up; in a flame.

align (a-lin'), v.t. to lay out or adjust by a line: v.i. to form or fall into a line.

alignment (a-lln'ment), n. the act of laying out or adjusting by a line; the ground-plan of a railway or road.

alike (a-lik'), adj. like one another: adv. in like manner; similar.

aliment (al'i-ment), n. food; the necessaries of life generally; an allowance for support by decree of court: v.t. to make provision for the maintenance of; make provision for the support of parents or children respectively.

allmental (al-i-men'tal), adj. having the quality of, or supplying the materials for, nourishing.

alimentary (al-i-men'ta-ri), adj. pertaining to food; nutritious.

alimentary canal ika-nal'), n. the great duct which conveys food to the stomach and carries off solid excreta.

alimentation (al-i-men-ta'shun), n. the act of giving nourishment; the function of the alimentary canal.

alimentlveness (al-i-men'tiv-nes), n. the instinct for food.

alimony (al'i-mon-i), n. means of living; an allowance made by decree of court to a wife out of her husband's estate on separation, or pending an action for the same.

aliped (al'i-ped), adj.. wing-footed, like the bat.

aliquant (al'i-kwant), adj. being a part of a number which does not divide it without a remainder, as 8 is an aliquant part of 25.

aliquot (al'i-kwot), adj. being a part of a number or quantity which will divide it without a remainder, as 8 is an aliquot part of 24.

alive (a-llv ), adj. having life; in a state of action; sprightly: sensitive; thronged.

alkahest (al'ka-hest), n. the pretended universal solvent of the alchemists, by means of which they believed that all metals could be reduced to a single liquid.

alkalescent (al-ka-les'sent), adj. tending to become alkaline.

alkali (al'ka-ll), n. [pi. alkalis & -ies], one of a class of caustic bases, as soda, potash, having the common properties of being soluble in water and in alcohol, combining with fats to form soap, neutralizing acids and forming salts with them, and changing the tint of many vegetable coloring-matters opposed to acid.

alkaline (al'ka-IIn), adj. pertaining to, or having the properties of, an alkali.

alkaloid (al'ka-loid), n. a body or substance containing alkaline properties; pi. nitrogenous compounds met with in plants in combination with organic acids: adj. resembling an alkali in its properties.

alkanet (al'ka-net), n. a plant the root of which yields the rich red dye of commerce.

all (awl), adj. the whole quantity of, as substance, duration, extent, amount, or degree; the whole number of, collectively, as individuals, particulars, or parts; every, as with kind; any, used after a preposition or verb: pron. the whole; the whole quantity or amount; total; aggregate: n. a whole; an entirety; one's

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