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accessibility - actinoid

accessibility (ak-ses-i-bil'i-ti), n. the condition of being accessible.

accessible (ak-ses^-bl), ",//. capable of being approached; easy of access; attainable.

accession (ak-sesh'un), n. a coming to, as by succession or by right; entrance or attainment; the act of acceding by assent or agreement; increase or augmentation; the acquirement of property by improvement, growth, or labor expended; the attack or commencement of a disease.

accessional (ak-sesh'un-al), "'/, additional; pertaining to an accession.

accessorial (ak-ses-6'ri-al), adj. pertaining to an accessory, as accessorial guilt or agency.

accessory (ak-ses'o-ri), adj. [pi. accessories (ak-ses'o-riz)], aiding; contributing to some result or effect: n. one who aids in the commission of a felony; an accomplice; that which is in the nature of an appendage.

accidence (ak'si-dens), n. the portion of grammar which deals with the inflections of words; a book containing -the rudiments of grammar; the rudiments themselves.

accident (ak'si-dent), n. an event which is unexpected, or the cause of which was unforseen; a contingency, casualty, or mishap; a property of a thing which is not essential to it.

accidental (ak-si-den'tal), adj. happening by chance or unexpectedly; fortuitous; non-essential; connected with, but not necessarily belonging to: n. that which happens unexpectedly; an adjunct, or non-essential part or quality; a sharp, flat, or natural introduced into a piece of music to lower or raise the note before which it is placed.

accidentally (ak-si-den'ta-li), adv. in an accidental manner.

acclaim (ak-klam'). v.i. to shout applause: n. a shout of Joy or praise; acclamation.

acclamation (ak-kla-ma'shun), n. a shout of applause, or other demonstration of hearty approval; an outburst of joy, or praise; the adoption of a resolution mvd voce; a mode of papal election.

arc 1 amatory (ak-klam'a-to-ri), mlj.

expressing joy or applause by acclamation.

acclimate (ak'kli-mat), v.t. to accustom a person to a foreign climate.

acclimation (ak-kli-ma'shun), n. the process of acclimatizing, or the state of being inured to a foreign climate; acclimatization.

acclimatize (ak'kli-ma-tlz), i-.l. & v.i. to accustom or become accustomed to a foreign climate; said of plants or animals.

acclivity (ak-kliy'i-ti), n. [pi. acclivities (ak-kliv'i-tiz)], an ascent or upward slope of the earth; the talus of a rampart.

accolated (akTco-la-ted), p.adj. containing two or more profile heads, so arranged that one partially overlaps the next, as in the shilling of William III. and Mary.

accommodate (ak-koiii'mo-dat), v.i. to adapt or make fit or suitable; adjust, settle; supply or furnish; do a favor to; lend money for the convenience of a borrower: v.i. to be conformable to.

accommodating (ak-kom'mo-da- ting), p.adj. obliging; of a yielding disposition; adapting one's self to the desires of others.

accommodation (ak-kom-mo-diV- shun), n. the act of accommodating; or the state of being accommodated; that which supplies a want or desire.

accommodation-bill (-bil), n. a bill or note endorsed by one or more parties to enable the drawer to raise money upon it.

accommodation-ladder (-lad'gr), n. a ladder or stairway suspended at the gangway of a ship.

accommodative (ak-kom'mo-da-tiv), adj. disposed or tending to accommodate.

accompaniment (ak-kum'pa-ni- ment), n. something which is added to, or attends the original or principal thing by way of ornament, or for the sake of harmony.

accompanist (ak-kum'pa-nist), n. one who plays an accompaniment.

accompany (ak-kum pa-ni), v.t. to keep company with; escort; join in movement or action; perform the accompaniment in a compostition for voice and instrument.

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit; note, nOrth, not; boon, book;




accomplice (ak-kom'plia), n. an associate or companion in crime.

accomplish (ak-kom'plish), i-.t. to bring to completion, or to an issue; fulfill; attain as the result of exertion.

accomplished (ak-kom'plisht), p.adj. finished; perfected; possessed of social qualifications.

accomplishment (ak-kom'plish- ment), n. the completion of an act or undertaking; fulfillment; an acquirement or qualification in art or manners.

accord (ak-k6rd'), v.l. & v.i. to be in agreement with; reconcile; agree; give; grant; concede; to adjust or bring to agreement; to be in correspondence or harmony; agree in pitch and tone: n. agreement; unison; concurrence of will or opinion; harmony.

accordance (ak-k6rd'ans), n. the state of being in harmony or accord.

accordant (ak-k6rd ant), adj. corresponding; of the same mind.

according (ak-k6rd'ing), p.adj. agreeing, harmonious: adv. in accordance (with) or agreeably (to).

accordion (ak-kord'i-un), n. a small wind instrument, having keys and metallic reeds, and worked by means of a bellows, after the fashion of a concertina.

accost (ak-kost'), v.t. to draw near, or come face to face with; speak to; salute: n. the act of accosting; manner.

accouchement (ak-koosh'inong), n. delivery in child-bed; parturition; a lying-in. [French.]

accoucheur (ak-koosh-er'), n. a physician who attends confinement cases. [French.]

account (ak-kount'), v.t. to reckon or hold to be; compute; count: v.i. to assign an explanation [with for}; take into consideration; relate: n. a reckoning; a financial statement or memorandum; a narrative; anything in the form of a statement, written or verbal; reason or consideration; profit; advantage; estimation; consequence; importance.

account-current (ak-kount'-kur'ent), n. the statement of account between two or more persons, drawn out in the form of debtor and creditor.

accountability (ak-kount-a-bil'i-ti), n. the statcof being liable or accountable.

accountable (ak-kount'a-bl), .-/, answerable; responsible; liable to be called to account.

accountably (ak-kount'a-bli), adv. in an accountable manner.

accountancy (ak-koun'tan-si), n. the art or practice, of an accountant.

accountant (ak-koun'tant), n. one skilled in the keeping or examination of accounts: adj. giving account; responsible.

accoutre (ak-koS'ter), v.t. to dress; equip; to array in military dress; furnish with accoutrements. [French.]

accoutrements (ak-koo't£r-ments), equipage; dress; military equipments. [French.]

accredit (ak-kred'it), v.t. to give credit to; have confidence in; authorize; stamp with authority; to believe and accept as true.

accrescent (ak-kres'sent), adj. increasing; growing.

accrete (ak-kret'), v.i. to adhere; be added: v.t. to cause to grow or unite.

accretion (ak-kre'shun), n. increase by natural growth; the addition of external parts; the growing together of parts or members naturally separate.

accretive (ak-kre'tiv), adj. adding to or increasing by growth.

accroachment (ak-kroch'ment), n. the act of accroaching; usurpation.

accrue (ak-kroo'),t) come to happen or result to naturally as an increment, as of profit or loss.

accruement (ak-kroo'ment), n. an addition or increment.

accumbent (ak-kum'bent), adj. reclining or recumbent.

accumulate (ak-ku'mQ-lat), v.t. to collect or bring together; amass; heap up: v.t. to increase in size, number, or quantity.

accumulation (ak-ku-mu-la'shun), n. the act of accumulating or amassing; the addition of interest to principal; the mass accumulated.

accumulative (ak-ku'mu-la-tiv), adj. tending to accumulate.

accumulative judgment (juj'jnent). n. a second judgment which takes effect against a person after the first sentence has expired.

file,.arm. at, awl; me, merge, met: mite, mil : nute, north, not; boon, book; 9



accumulator (ak-ku'mu-la-ter), n. one who, or that which, accumulates; an apparatus for equalizing pressure; an electric storage Tmttery-

accuracy (ak'ku-ra-si), n. the quality of being accurate; exactness or correctness.

accurate (ak'ku-rat), adj. in exact conformity with the truth; free from error; precise.

accursed (a-ker'sed), or accurst fa-kerst'). p.adj. under or subject to a curse; doomed to destruction; detestable; execrable.

accusable (ak-ku'za-bl). adj. liable to be censured or accused.

accusation (ak-ku-za'shun), n. a charge or imputation of wrongdoing; the act of accusing or imputing.

accusative! (ak-ku-za-ti'val), adj. pertaining to the accusative case.

accusative (ak-ku'za-tiv), adj. accusing: n. the objective case, denoting the object of the verb; in Latin, the fourth case of the noun.

accusatorial!? (ak-ku-za-td'ri-a-li), ode. in an accusatorial manner.

accusatory (ak-ku'za-to-ri), or accusatorial (ak-ku-za-to'ri-al), adj. accusing, or containing an accusation.

accuse (ak-kuz'), v.t. to charge with guilt or blame; make or bring an imputation against.

accuser (ak-kuz'er), n. one who accuses; one who formally charges an offense against another.

accustom (ak-kus'tum), v.t. to habituate or familiarize by custom or use.

accustomed (ak-kus'tumd), p.adj. frequent: usual; often practiced.

ice (as), n. [pi. aces (as'ez)], a unit; in playing cards and dice, a card or die marked with a single pip; a very small quantity.

ice-point (as'point), the single mark of the ace-card and of the die marked with one spot.

acedia (a-sg'di-a), n. an abnormal eon- lition of the mind, characterized by lassitude, Ustlessness, and general indifference.

centric (a-een'trik), adj. away from the center; having no center, pphala (a-sef'a-Ia), a term applied to all ordinary bivalves, as the oyster, having no distinct head.

acephalous (a-eefa-lus), adj. head

less: without a leader; an ovary of a plant that has its style springing from the base instead of the apex.

acerbity (a-ser'bi-ti), n. [pi. acerbities (-tiz)J, sourness; sharpness; harshness or severity of temper or expression.

acetanillde (as-et-an'i-lid), n. a pungent white powder, formed by the action of acetyl chloride on aniline: used in medicine as an antipyretic.

acetate (as'e-tat), n. a salt of acetic acid.

acetated (as'e-ta-tedj, p.adj. combined with acetic acid.

acetatlon. Sec acetification.

acetic add (a-se'tik & a-set'ik as'id), n. a clear liquid, with a strong acid taste and peculiar sharp smell. It is present in a dilute form in vinegar.

acetification (a-set-i-fi-ka'slmn), n. the act or process of acetifying or becoming acetous; the preparation of vinegar.

acetify (a-sct'i-fi). v.t. [p.t. & p.p. acetified, acetifying], to turn into vinegar; make acetous.

acetimeter (as-e-tirn'e-ter), n. an instrument for gauging the strength or purity of vinegar or acetic acid.

acetin (as'e-tin). n. a combination of acetic acid with glycerine.

acetone (as'e-ton), n. a clear volatile ' liquid, composed of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen.

acetose (as'e-tos), or acetous (as'o- tus), adj. of the nature of vinegar; sour; causing acetification.

acetylene (a-set'i-len), n. a brilliant illuminating gas, produced by subjecting calcium-carbide to the action of water.

ache (ak), n. pain, more or less continuous: v.i. to suffer, or be in pain.

achievable (a-che'va-bl), atlj. possible to achieve; capable of being performed.

achieve (a-chey'),v.t. to perform, carry out, accomplish; to gam or bring to a successful issue by an effort: v.i. to bring about a desired result.

achievement (a-chev'ment). n. the act of achieving; accomplishment; that which is achieved or accomplished; an escutcheon or armorial shield, also called a hatchment.

Achilles-tendon (a-kil'ez-ten'dun), n.

ite, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met; mite, mit: note, nOrtb, not; boon, book;


the powerful tendon placed in, and acknowledge (ak-nol'ej), v.t. [p.l. &

moving, the heel; usually reversed in p.p. acknowledged, acknowl-

writing, "tendon-Achilles." edging], to admit or own to be true;

aching (a'king), }>"<(( enduring or recognize; confess; admit the receipt

causing pain; painful: adv. with of.

aching; painfully. acknowledgment (ak-nol'ej-ment),

achromatic (ak-ro-mat'ik), adj. free n. the act of acknowledging; the ad-

froiu coloration; transmitting light mission or recognition of a truth;

without decomposition. confession; the expression of appre-

achromatic-lens (-lenz), a lens free ciation of a favor or benefit con-

from chromatic aberration. ferred; a receipt.

achromatically (ak-ro-mat'i-ka-li), aclinic (a-klin'ik), adj. without in-

'//'. in an achromatic manner. clination.

achromatize (ak-ro'ma-tlz), v.t. to aclinic-Hue (a-klin'ik-lln), n. the im-

deprive of the power of transmitting aginary point near the equator where

color; to render achromatic: the magnetic needle has no dip.

achromatous (ak-ro'ma-tus), adj. acme (ak'me), n. the highest ix>i111; the

without color. utmost reach; the crisis of a disease.

add (as'id), adj. sour and sharp or acne (ak'ne), n. a pustular eruption

biting to the taste, as vinegar: n. of the body, chiefly confined to the

anything sour; the name applied to face, shoulders and chest.

a large number of compounds con- acock (a-kok'), adv. in a cocked or

taming one or more atoms of hydro- turned up manner.

gen which may be displaced by a acock-bill (a-kok'-bil), adv. with the

metal. ends directed upwards, as of an

acidic (a-sid'ik), adj. containing a large anchor or yards of a ship.

proportion of the acid element; op- acology (a-kol'6-ji), n. the science of

posed to basic. remedies.

acldiferous (as-Wif'e-rus), adj. pro- acolyte (ak'6-llt), or acolyth (ak'6-

ducing or containing acids. litn & -lith), n. the highest of the

acldiflc (as-i-dif'ik), adj. acidifying; minor orders in the Roman Catholic

producing acidity or an acid. Church, ranking next below the sub-

acldlflcatlon (a-sid-i-fi-ka'shun), n. deacon.

the process of acidifying. aconite (ak'8-nlt), n. the plant wolf's-

acldifler (a-sid'i-fi-cr), n. a substance bane or monk's-hood; the drug pre-

having the property of imparting an pared from the plant.

acid quality. aconltlne (a-kon'i-tin & -tin), n. the

acidify (a-sid'i-fl), v.t. [p.t & p.p. acidi- narcotic drug prepared from the

fied, acidifying), to make acid; roots and leaves of several species of

convert into an acid; sour; embitter. aconite, used as a remedy for neu- acldity (a-sid'i-ti), n. the quality of ralgia.

being acid or sour. acorn (a'k6rn), n. the fruit of the oak;

acidulate (a-sid'u-lat), v.t. to render a conical piece of wood affixed to the

slightly acid. spindle above a vane, to keep the

acldulent (a-«id'Q-lent), adj. some- vane from being blown off.

what acid; tart; peevish. acotyledon (a-kot-i-le'dun), n. a plant

acidulous (a-sid'u-lus), adj. slightly whose seeds (spores) are not fur- sour: subacid. nished with cotyledons (seed-lobes). acierare (as'i-er-aj), n. the term given acotyledonous (a-kot-i-18'dun-usj,

to the process of electrically de- adi. having no cotyledons or seed- positing iron on an engraved copper lobes.

plate. aooumeter (a-k6o'me-t€r), n. an in-

aciform (as'if6rm), adj. needle- strument to test the power of hear-

ahaped. ing, or sensibility to sound,

acinaceous (as-i-na'shus), adj. con- acoustic (u-kocVtik). adj. belonging

sisting of or full of kernels, as the to the science of sound: n. a remedy

grape, mulberry, Ac. for deafness.

ate, arm, at, awl; me, merge, met: mite, mit; note, north, not; boon, book;




acoustics (a-koos'tiks), the science of sound; the study of the effects of sound upon the organ of hearing.

acquaint (ak-kwSnt'), v.t. to familiarize or make one's self conversant with: furnish information.

acquaintance (ak-kwant'ans), n. the state of being acquainted with a person or subject; personal knowledge less than friendship; a person with whom one is acquainted.

acquainted (ak-kwan'ted), p.adj. having personal knowledge; familiar, known (with).

acquiesce (ak-kwi-es') v.%. to agree: comply passively; assent [followed usually by in].

acquiescence (ak-kwi-es'ens), n. the act of submitting; silent assent; neglect to take legal proceedings, so as to imply consent.

acquiescent (ak-kwi-es'ent), adj. disposed to submit or yield tacitly; resting satisfied.

acquirable (ak-kwir'a-bl), adj. capable of being acquired.

acquire (ak-kwir'), v.l. to gain or obtain possession of by one's own physical or intellectual exertions.

acquirement (ak-kwir'ment), n. the act of acquiring; that which is acquired. .

acquisition (ak-kwi-zish'un), n. the act of acquiring; the object acquired.

acquisitive (ak-kwiz i-tivj, adj. having a propensity to acquire; greedily disposed.

acquisitiveness (ak-kwiz'i-tiv-nes), n. the propensity to acquire.

acquit (ak-kwit'), v.t. !/<./. & p.p. acquitted, acquitting], to release; set free; discharge; to pronounce not guilty.

acquittal (ak-kwit'al), n. the act of releasing or acquitting; the state of being acquitted; the judicial pronouncement of "not guilty."

acquittance (ak-kwit'ans), n. a discharge or release from debt or other liability; a receipt barring a further demand.

acre (aTcer), n. a superficial measure of land containing, in Great Britain, the United States and the British Colonies, 4,840 sq. yds.

acreage (aTcer-aj), n. the number of acres in a tract of land.

acred (a'kerd), adj. possessing acres or landea property.

acrid (akrid), "//'. sharp or biting to the taste; pungent; irritating; stinging: n. an acrid or irritant poison.

acridity (ak-rid'i-ti), n. the quality of being acrid.

acrimonious (ak-ri-mo'ni-us), adj. bitter; caustic; stinging.

acrimony (ak'ri-mo-ni), n. sharpness of temper; bitterness of expression.

acrobat (ak'r6-bat), n. a performer on the tight-rope; one who practices tumbling, vaulting, trapezing, &c.

acrobatlsm (ak'ro-bat-izm), n. the performance of acrobatic feats; the profession of an acrobat.

acrolith (ak'ro-lith), n. a sculptured figure, the head and extremities of which are of stone and the rest of wood.

acropolis (a-krop'6-lis), n. the highest part or citadel of a Grecian city, as that of Athens, hence a citadel.

across (a-kr&s'), adv. & prep, from side- to side; transversely; adversely; athwart; intersecting at an angle.

acrostic (a-kros'tik), n. a composition, usually in verse, in which the first or last letters of the lines, or other letters, taken in order, form a motto, phrase, name, or word.

act (akt), n. an action; process of doing; a decree, edict, or enactment; the judgment of a court; a formal writing; one of the principal divisions of a drama; a thesis maintained by a candidate for a degree at a university: v.t. to do; perform; play, as on the stage; set in motion; ».t. to exert force or energy.

acting (akt'ing), p.adj. performing services, as those of an official.

actinic (ak-tin'ik), adj. having the property of actinism.

actinism (ak'tin-izm), n. that property of the sun's rays which produces chemical action.

actinium (ak-tin'i-um), re. a recently discovered radio-active element.

actlnograph (ak-tin'6-graf), n. an instrument for measuring the variation of the chemical rays ot light.

actinoid (ak'tin-oid), adj. having the form of rays; resembling a starfish.

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